- Meditation aid with relaxing music

Welcome to, an online meditation and relaxation aid.

Soothing visuals and music combine to help you achieve a sense of focused well-being.

Soft glowing lights represent your thoughts as they drift across the screen, occasionally coming together to create something which is greater than the sum of its parts. Gentle music is composed in real time and synchronised with the lights to provide a multi-sensory experience. Start Chillouts - with Meditation Music.


How to use this relaxation aid

For best results, this site should be viewed under low lighting levels. The soundtrack is best experienced using headphones to help block external sounds.

Switching the browser to full-screen mode will also enhance the experience - most desktop browsers use the F11 key to switch between full-screen and windowed views.

There is a row of buttons at the top of the screen. In order to provide an uncluttered display these buttons will be hidden after a short time, but will reappear if the mouse pointer is moved into that area. Similarly the mouse pointer will be hidden after a few seconds of inactivity, and will reappear if the mouse is moved.

Relax: ensure you are sitting comfortably, and then click on the 'Meditate Now' button above.

Try not to stare too hard at the screen. It may be more comfortable to view through half-closed eyes, or even to close them completely and simply enjoy the relaxing music.

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About uses HTML5 to provide its visual and audio effects. Most modern web browsers will display this content, but some older browsers may not work. If this is so, you can download a free browser such as Chrome which will support HTML5. Note that sound support on many tablets and phones is limited making them unable to play tthe multiple soundtracks used on this site, and so you may not have the full multisensory experience on portable devices.

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